A Look At How The Modern Pizza Began

During the 18th century, there were many poor people who lived in Naples, Italy. These individuals started to add tomatoes to their flat bread, which was yeast based. It didn’t take long before this little treat grew into the modern pizza that most people know and love.

Some of today’s pizzas are characterized by their cheese, tomatoes and flatbread base. Once Italian immigrants found their way into the United States, they brought their pizza recipes with them. You can get a hamilton beach pizza maker fairly easily. All you need is information about your favorite pizza oven.

It was from these immigrants that the entire pizza industry was born, which is a billion dollar industry. Vincent Bruno was the man who opened the first pizzeria in the US.

Health Facts for Pizza

While pizza is incredibly popular in the United States, many people don’t understand the health facts surrounding this amazingly popular food. It’s important to understand that there is good and bad. A lot of people wonder if pizza is even the slightest bit healthy.

It has a massive ratio of refined cheese, sugar and bread. It also doesn’t have the best vegetable content. For many, the way that they eat their pizza will determine how healthy it is, and sadly, most people will end up eating an unhealthy pizza.

It’s crucial to make sure you always order vegetables on your pizza because they will make it much easier to stay healthy. In fact, the veggies are the healthiest parts of a typical pizza. A typical 14-inch pizza contains about 25 percent protein in every slice, so that is a massive amount of protein for people who like to build muscles.